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ABEL EM Metal Diaphragm Pumps

The ABEL EM series is available in three different metal designs: ductile iron (SG), stainless steel (ED), or aluminum (AL, upon request). Using durable materials for diaphragms, valve seats and check balls, you'll get the best possible combination of materials for your application. 

Use ABEL EM metal diaphragm pumps for these services and more ...

  • Water and waste water management
  • Ceramics industry
  • Surface engineering
  • Marble and stone works
  • Shipping, offshore
  • Automobile industry
  • Machine construction
  • Pigment production
  • Paper industry
  • Mining
  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Steel industry

ABEL EM Plastic Diaphragm Pumps

In the chemical industry and in other areas of production, corrosive fluids require the use of high-quality materials such as polypropylene or PVDF.  ABEL offers the EM series electromechanical diaphragm pumps in suitable materials for these applications with maximum pump flows of up to 20 m³/h (90 GPM).

Use the plastic EM series pumps for applications in the ...

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Refineries
  • Power plants

ABEL CM Compact Diaphragm Pumps

ABEL CM piston driven diaphragm pumps are single or double-action pumps that are used for difficult fluids and slurries. They are highly resistant to wear, even when used at high pressures over an extended period of time. Their true double-diaphragm technology offers a high degree of safety. When used as a pump for feeding filter presses, the rugged automatic flow rate control (which does not use complex electronics) is another impressive feature that makes it even more reliable.

Use ABEL CM pumps for ...

  • Sludge and slurry transfer
  • Filter press feed
  • Rotary kiln or spray dryer feed
  • Raw sewage transfer
  • Transfer of abrasive, corrosive, pigmented or viscous media
  • Available with ATEX certification

ABEL HM Hydraulic Piston Diaphragm Pumps

ABEL HM piston diaphragm pumps are available as single or double-acting models for increased performance, reliability and low operating and maintenance costs. They can be utilised for flow rates up to 90 m³/h and operating pressures up to 10.0 MPa. ABEL HM pumps are equipped with a pre-formed diaphragm which remains stable throughout the duration of the pumping cycle. The ABEL HM heavy duty construction has been tested in many industries with very difficult media and has proven itself again and again. Available wetted parts are nodular cast iron (also available rubber-coated), polypropylene, cast steel or stainless steel.

The ABEL HM has is the first choice product for critical process operations such as spray dryer feed or for highly abrasive slurries. When utilised in filter press feed with a pressure sensor control, this piston diaphragm pump is very efficient with a long service life.

ABEL HMQ Hydraulic Piston Diaphragm Pumps

ABEL HMQ hydraulic diaphragm pumps (Quadruplex) are easily identifiable due to their unique compactness and space-saving designs. They are designed to handle large volumes of abrasive materials under high-pressure conditions, applications often found in the mining and cement industries. The pre-formed diaphragms in the HMQ pump remain stable throughout the duration of the pumping cycle. A regulating-valve installed on the hydraulic side of the unit monitors not only the front diaphragm, but also the rear diaphragm position. This concept of diaphragm monitoring promotes a long service life and is one of the main reasons behind the high reliability and durability of this product.

Every ABEL HMQ pump is equipped with an integral reduction gear and can be fitted with ball or API cone type valves. The wetted parts of the pump are available in nodular cast iron (also rubber-coated), cast steel or stainless steel. A reverse flow design is also available for settling slurries. These multi-application, hydraulic piston diaphragm pumps are an ideal choice for services involving flows up to 450 m³/h and pressures up to 23.0 MPa.

ABEL HMT Hydraulic Piston Diaphragm Pumps

ABEL HMT pumps offer very high operating pressures at increased flow rates, ideal for abrasive materials with an increased solids content. This simple slow-running triple piston design operates safely, even when dry.  For flow rates up to 240 m³/h and pressures up to 25 MPa.

The ABEL HMT is designed with a triplex-transmission gear with a 120° crank displacement which produces a more even flow for less pulsation. This reduced pulsation, even at high pressures is easier on foundations pipework.

ABEL HMT pumps are equipped with pre-formed diaphragms to the same specifications held throughout the ABEL HM range. The superb resistance qualities of these diaphragms are demonstrated throughout the entire pumping process with no deformation.

The Pumps in the HMT range are equipped with API cone type valves and are also available for reverse-flow to aid with settling slurries. Wetted parts are available in nodular cast iron, cast steel or various stainless steels. Typical applications are pipeline transfer, autoclaves, reactor feed and spray dryer feed.

ABEL SH Solids Handling Pumps

ABEL SH solids handling pumps span a wide performance range and are suited for a large number of pumping media and applications. These high pressure pumps really prove their worth with extremely abrasive paste-like and compacted media (e.g. dehydrated sewage sludge). This high-capacity pump has extra wall thickness and a large intake valve which, when combined with a very good filling ratio, will produce a long service life. 

Along with the actual pump unit (consisting of sludge, hydraulic main and valve cylinders) an ABEL SH thick matter pump includes a feed screw to fill the product cylinder and a control cabinet with PLC.  The programmable logic controller is the brain of the system and allows for integration with external control systems.

ABEL HP HPT Plunger Pumps

ABEL  HP and HPT plunger pumps offer a design for high pressure services up to 16.0 MPa (2300 psi). This series has proven its worth many times over, especially when used to clean filter cloths for chamber and membrane filter presses. With accessories that are designed to meet the specific needs of cleaning applications, such as the ABEL directional control valve, this series lives up to expectations.

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