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ITT-PumpSmart Variable Speed Drives

ITT-PumpSmart Variable Speed Drives - Integrating our knowledge of pump control with industry leading variable frequency drive systems, the ITT-PumpSmart PS75, PS200 and PS220 provide the greatest number of ways to improve your pump systems operation, monitoring and protection.

AMT strainers and fittings

• Plated Steel Suction Strainers
◆ 1˝ to 6˝ Sizes in Standard and Trash Types
• Nipple Kits available in both NPT x NPT and NPT x BSPT
• Fire Hose Nozzle Available in 1˝, 1-1/2˝ & 2˝
• Adjustable 1-1/2˝ – 6˝ Heavy Duty Spanner / Hydrant Wrench

AMT pump mounting accessories

• Heavy Duty Roll Frame Assemblies with Scratch Resistant Powder Coated Steel
• Wheel Kit Designed for 3 HP to 8 HP Steel Roll Cages
• Pedestal Pump Adapters Used with Pumps that Require NEMA 56c & 56J Frame Motors

AMT pump mounting bases

• Mounting Base allows for Simplified Installation on 56 Frame and 182/184/215JM Framed Electric Pumps
• Allows for additional mounting support on Heavy Duty Steel Mounting Frame
• Easily adjustable hole placement to allow for multiple pump models and variations

AMT hose kits

• PVC Reinforced Suction Hose with One Male & Female NPSH Connection; 1˝ to 6˝ Sizes
• PVC Flexible Discharge Hose with One Male & Female NPSH Connection; 1˝ to 6˝ Sizes
• 1˝ & 2-1/2˝ Single Jacket Polyester Industrial High Pressure Fire Hose
• 2˝ & 3˝ High Pressure or General Purpose Hose Kits

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