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JC Slurry Pumps

JC Horizontal Slurry Pumps - Thousands of installations attest to the remarkable versatility of the Goulds model JC Slurry Pump.  Fifteen sizes are available in a wide range of materials and configurations making the model JC ideal for most medium duty abrasive and/or corrosive slurry services.


HS Horizontal Slurry Pumps

HS Horizontal Slurry Pumps - Goulds model HS eliminates clogging problems encountered with conventional centrifugal pumps.  The recessed impeller design handles large particle solids and fibrous/stringy materials.

5500 Horizontal Slurry Pumps

5500 Horizontal Slurry Pumps - Goulds model 5500 is the result of many years of experience designing and building severe duty slurry pumps.  It's not only built to stand up to the toughest abrasive slurry services but is also designed for safety and extreme ease of maintenance.  Heavy duty bearing frame and shaft, extra thick wall sections and easily replaceable wear parts add up to many years of service even under the severest operating conditions.

SRL Horizontal Slurry Pumps

SRL Horizontal Slurry Pumps - The Goulds model SRL is the original rubber-lined slurry pump.  It is the result of nearly a century of proven experience in the design, manufacture and application of slurry pumps.  The SRL is built to stand up to the toughest services while providing maximum reliability and extreme ease of maintenance.  Available in a wide variety of natural and synthetic elastomers in a heavy duty design with extra  thick liners and multiple impeller options.


XHD Horizontal Slurry Pumps

XHD Horizontal Slurry Pumps - Goulds model XHD slurry pumps are an extra heavy duty world-class lined slurry pump designed to deliver safety, performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.

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