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Multi-stage Pumps
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2CDU/2CDXU Multi-stage Pumps

2CDU/2CDXU Multi-stage Pumps -  Constructed of bulge formed stainless steel and designed for corrosion resistance, dependable performance and rugged continuous duty. Models 2CDU (with Nema motor) and 2CDXU (with IEC motor) are suitable for pressure boosting applications including water supply, water treatment, irrigation, air conditioning systems and general water pumping containing moderately aggressive liquids.  Model 2CDU is NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G listed

3335 Multi-Stage Pumps

3335 Multi-Stage Pumps - Diffuser type pumps designed for low flow high head applications in any industry.

3935 Multi-stage Pumps

3935 Multi-Stage Pumps - Diffuser type pumps designed for low flow high head applications in any industry.

3316 Multistage Pumps

3316 Multi-stage Pumps - Two stage, horizontally split case pumps designed for applications requiring moderately high head over a wide range of flows.

3311 Multi-stage Pumps

3311 Multi-stage Pumps - Goulds Model 3311 is a radially split, segmented ring multistage pump designed for the most demanding high pressure services.  The modular design and parts interchangeability reduce maintenance and inventory costs.  Compact size and flexible nozzle positions reduce space and piping costs.  High reliability, optimum efficiency and simplified maintenance.

3355 Multi-stage Pumps

3355 Multi-stage Pumps - Goulds model 3355 is a multistage ring section pump designed for high-pressure services including boiler feed, reverse osmosis, shower service, pressure boosting and more.  Its modular design and multiple configurations make it ideal for any system.

3393 Multi-stage Pumps

3393 Multi-stage Pumps - The Goulds Model 3393 is a radially split, segmented casing, multistage pump designed with modular interstage components.  These identical components can be assembled to produce pumps of varying numbers of stages, hydraulics, materials, and configurations to meet specific requirements.  Its multiple suction and discharge nozzle orientations allow for multiple piping arrangements.  Multiple hydraulics for each pump size optimizes efficiency across a range of applications.  Well suited for reverse osmosis, boiler feed, shower, booster and other high pressure services.

Webtrol Pumps

WEBTROL WS Series Submerible Turbine Pumps

All stainless steel WS Series submersible well pumps are designed to provide reliable solutions for the most demanding residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

HP Range from .5 to 200 HP
Capacities from 75 usgpm to 1,400 usgpm
Heads to 1,800 ft




WEBTROL EZ Series Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps

EZ Series Horizontal Booster Pumps are carefully hand assembled, then individually checked & tested, to provide you with reliable solutions for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. The EZ Series Booster is widely known as a leader in the reverse osmosis and deionization industry.

HP Range from .5 to 5 HP
Capacities to 40 usgpm

Pressures to 500 PSI
Temperatures to 180° F


WEBTROL HT Series Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps

HT Series horizontal pumps are "the" original heavy duty booster pump, designed for high flows at high heads to meet the demands of many industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

HP Range from 5 to 40 HP
Capacities to 100 usgpm
Pressures to 780 PSI
Temperatures to 180° F


  • Flow Rates to 63-gpm
  • System pressures up to 120 psig
  • Differential pressures up to 117 psig (270′ tdh)
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 56J frame: 2 through 5 horsepower motors
  • Service in both 50 and 60-Hz
  • Stainless steel casing and impellers
  • Multiple mechanical seal materials available to suit application
  • 1.25″ NPT suction nozzle and a 1.0″ NPT discharge nozzle
  • Our exclusive design allows for use with easy to locate replacement parts. No more hard to find Metric and custom seals and fasteners

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